Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Tiny Greenhouse

This past Sunday, my church friend and I stopped at WalMart on the way home from service because we each needed to buy soil for planting projects.  While we were having a look-round, I picked up a packet of rosemary seeds.  

Rosemary has a reputation of being notoriously difficult stuff to grow from seed; certainly I've never managed it but I give it a try every year or two.  It may not work this year either, especially since I discovered a tear in the seed packet when I got home.  What few seeds there were had fallen into the plastic shopping bag.  They would surely be lost if not taken care of right away.

Given my tendency to re-use and re-purpose, I saw potential in the little plastic containers that held the crystallized ginger that I bought before Christmas.  Thank goodness that I saved them.  I peeled the labels off, used a bodkin to poke some drainage holes in the bottom and some condensation holes in the top, plopped in a bit of potting soil, and planted the seeds.  There we go:  a tiny greenhouse.  

Now it's up to the rosemary seeds to do their job and grow!

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