Monday, January 11, 2016

Some Favorite Blogs

Each person is different; that's for sure.  I admire so much what other people do, especially when it's stuff that I simply can't do, so I thought I'd share a few blogs that I love in the hopes that others might enjoy them, too.  (I've tested all the links, so they should be working properly.....fingers crossed!)

I found this blogger because she had made a post about Arashi.. (Yes, I read a number of Arashi blogs.)  No, I do not read Japanese (I Babelfish where I must) but what I love is the serenity and the clarity of her pictures; much more important than words.  Oh, I would dearly love to have one of her lovely Bentos.  Everything looks just so very good.

And I discovered this next blogger while searching information about Marie Kondo.  Although KonMari has let me down, the folks on this blog never do.  It's interesting, informative, well-written, and a genuine pleasure to visit.  I'm always learning something new about homesteading and breadmaking and gardens and more; I like that a lot.  Besides, they like cats!  Cat people are inevitably nice.

My fascination with The Riddle of the Sands (both the movie and the novel) led me to these amazing guys.  They are actually taking the story for a walk!  Bloggers notCarruthers and notDavies have been visiting the sites from the novel in real time.  If something happened in the book on October 16 off the coast of Germany, you can be sure these guys will be there to test conditions and to see what it's like on October 16 nearly 120 years later.

And speaking of history, the very first thing I do when I get online everyday (well, to be perfectly honest, it's after I do the NYT MiniCrossword), I read Arthur Linfoot's WWI diary entries, and I have read them since the very first day of posting.  Very basic but fascinating.  And I follow that up with the WWI letters written by JD Hills. Frankly he can be a bit of a windbag but sometimes I suspect that the bravado is a cover-up.  Really interesting to see how the personality of these two very different guys come through in a few words and paragraphs.

On a different note, the first time I discovered this hilarious blog, I actually read every single post there!  I just couldn't stop--it was like silly popcorn.  And I laughed until I was literally breathless and in pain--my tummy hurt for two days after.  The captions of the pictures are literally a gutbuster.  Enter at risk to your funny bone!  

For a couple of years now I've followed this blogger's decorating ups and downs.  Her creativity, determination, and humor make her a star.  I saw a picture of a rug she painted (painted!  seriously, can you imagine?), so I just had to find out what else she was up to, and I'm really glad I did.

Since I mentioned Arashi earlier, I have to reference just one blog.  Arashi's Riida (leader="Riida") has had a morning radio show since 2002, so a dedicated fan posts translations and audio from the show five days a week to share with other fans.  I love to go listen and read because Riida is sometimes silly, sometimes revealing, often sage when he answers questions that listeners send in.

Although this isn't a blog per se, I've got to recommend again Arky's Crystal Cottage Off Grid on YouTube.  I admire her courage and her willingness to keep going no matter what.

I can't do any of the stuff that these amazing bloggers do!  Really, I can't.  That's why I love it that they are willing to take me along with them through their blogs.  And I wish I could thank each and every one of them for the brightness they add to my days.

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