Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's the Moon!

"It's the moon, Johnny!  It's the moon!"

Now I fail to recall just which theatrical play (surely a minor one) that this bit of dialogue comes from but when it was staged as a student production at my old college, the acting was so pitiful that this one line became a catch phrase among my friends:  "It's the moon, Johnny!  It's the moon!"  We used it often when we wanted to refer to something ridiculous.  

I think about it sometimes when the real moon bothers me.  It is ridiculous, after all, to lose sleep and not know why until I see that the moon has gone dark, as it is just now.  It is ridiculous to be unable to sleep when the moon is waning but sleep like a log when it is waxing.  But that's what I do, that's what I have done since childhood.  And somehow I never figure it out either, until I find myself saying, "It's the moon!"

Thank goodness, the wretched planetary satellite should now be waxing.  Maybe I'll get some sleep!

If you want to see what the moon is doing, try this:

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