Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Cup Hook and a Hair Dryer

I tend to work on impulse and inspiration.  (Sometimes that can end up being more trouble than it's worth.)  And I live in a small older house.  Not a Tiny House, mind you, just small. (Sometimes that can also be more trouble than it's worth.)

When those two factors combine, I can end up flat on my back in the middle of the floor with a cat standing on my stomach.  But let me start at the beginning.....

It was an ordinary morning.  Had breakfast.  Drank tea.  Took a shower.  Got dressed.  Had to wrestle the too-big hand-me-down hairdryer out of the too-small dressing table drawer.  Yeah, that's where things went a little haywire.

In small houses with small rooms, it makes sense to have small furniture.  I like antiques.  So in my small bedroom, I have a small antique dressing table.  It's adequate for containing everything I need (and quite a few things that I probably don't) except that freakishly huge hairdryer.  I've tried keeping the hairdryer elsewhere but it's inconvenient, and I want to keep it where I use it; that means the dressing table nearby one of the bedroom's two electrical outlets.  (My house is seriously outlet-challenged.)

It's an odd quirk perhaps but I like the bedroom to look like I'm stepping into another decade (somewhere between 1910 and 1940), a slightly less restless era.  There is nothing specifically 21st-century-ish visible there, and that's just the way I want it.  So it stands to reason that I don't want to see that massive hairdryer hanging about.

Wait.....hanging?  Hanging.  Yeah.  There's an idea.  If I put a cup-hook under the dressing table, I could keep the big hairdryer there and it wouldn't be really noticeable, would it?  Why not?  What could go wrong?

I couldn't find a cup-hook so I made one out of an eyebolt.  

I drilled the hole with the smallest size drill-bit.  
The hole was too big. 
The eyebolt/cup-hook was too small.  

It was while I was assessing this situation, lying flat on my back on the floor with my head under the dressing table, that Daisy decided there was something wrong with me, so to make absolutely sure she  jumped squarely on my stomach which simultaneously knocked the breath out of me and made me laugh.  

Hello, asthma.

Round One winner:  hairdryer.....and Daisy.

But I refuse to concede the fight.
It's not over!


Next step on resolving the hairdryer storage issue.....

Problem:  No cup-hook.

Possible solution 1:  go to the store.

     No, not doing that.   I will not make an errand for one tiny item.

Possible solution 2:  go to the workshop.

     Okay, do-able.  Unpleasant but do-able.  Right now the workshop is an impenetrable maze full of leftover unsold yard sale junk and 

Very Large Nasty Wolf Spiders.
I am not kidding:  I saw one catching and killing an anole lizard.  Lately I keep expecting to find Aragog hanging out at the back of the workshop. 

So, flashlight in hand, I went to the workshop.....where I found unexpectedly that a few quite heavy things had been moved about by 


(unless maybe it IS actually Aragog).  Anyway, this is really kinda creepy since the workshop is kept locked and I'm the one with the key and I KNOW that I  did NOT leave those boxes in the middle of the floor or move that heavy old typewriter to the top of the bench.  eek!

Found the box they should be in but zero cup-hooks.  Drat!  Wasted effort.

Possible solution 3:  check the "goody box" again

     Maybe I could do that.  I guess.  If I felt motivated.  

Possible solution 4:  have a large mug of tea, watch the DVD that arrived in today's mail, and wait until tomorrow to solve the problem.

.....Frankly, after my adventure in the workshop, I'm liking the sound of Possible Solution 4 a whole lot.

Yeah, Possible Solution 4.  

Let's go with that.  

Tea.....oh crumbs, there's no cream!


I decline to be defeated by the lack of a cup-hook, VLNW Spiders, general workshop creepiness, and (most miserable of all) no cream for tea.  So I reverted to Possible Solution 3 after all.

Went through the goody box again.  
Found a curtain rod support.  
Bent it into a usable (although unattractive) hook.

Screwed it in place (badly, stripped the cheap screw, will have to re-do when I have more patience).  
Took an out-of-focus picture (didn't care).  

It's at times like this when I remember WHY the chicken really crossed the road:  He wanted to prove to the armadillo that It Could Be Done.  

Anyway, time will tell if this was worth wasting half my day to accomplish.  

And, yes, I have forgiven Daisy.
But I forgot to make tea and I failed to watch that DVD.

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