Friday, January 15, 2016

One New Year's Resolution

Week Two is Through!

I've kept my One Secret New Year's Resolution every day; and, of course, I still don't want to say what it is because that might break the chain of steps on my journey while it is still new. 

I chose something that is difficult for me to do, and I began with one very small step.  I believe that an accumulation of effort will help me move forward to taking larger steps.  

When we choose to make changes, we tend to look at the biggest picture but as people we are really quite small on the canvas.  Not everyone is meant to be a Napoleon or a Julius Caesar but we can become conquerers in our own way just one step at a time.  If we start humbly, we have more chance to succeed.  The important thing is to keep on trying.

I listen to this song often on my daily drive to the Post Office:  Keep on Tryin' by, of course, Arashi.

Try and try, so that everything will work out
Let it shine
Without exception, every little star shines
Take a chance
That door which you only looked at from afar, tonight it should open softly Try!

Try and try, so that your dreams will really come true
Just like that, we're connected You and me
Raise your face, voice, hands, pride and joy
Get the star That star you saw when you were a child...
Day by day With patchwork dreams, sing out loud
Just keep on tryin' Keep on tryin' 

(lyrics translation credit goes to Yarukizero)

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