Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Key to the Secret Garden

Were you a happy little kid?  I wasn't.  I had ample reason not to be.  So as an adult, I made the purposeful decision to buy back just a little of that lost time.  We have to indulge that side of ourselves to become truly happy people.  

I like reading children's books sometimes--there are several that I truly love, like Carmine the Crow with its beautiful Heidi Holder illustrations and its reminder to give freely, like A Little Princess because it taught me how to keep hope alive and to be kind despite all else, like The Secret Garden with its tale of determination and healing.  And I also treasure a toy or two just for fun.  We need reminders like those to keep a corner of our hearts innocent no matter how old we grow.

In fact, if you look closely,  you'll see the key to The Secret Garden.  Well, it's really the key to my aunt's old barn but it always makes me think that the real garden key must have been very  much like this one.  I can imagine the hidden garden door opening every time I hold the key in my hand.

There's something about this quiet, meditative,  waiting time of year that makes me wish to re-read that book so I can dream of fresh air and vibrant gardens and good health.  Maybe I'll make some Robin Cake and a pot of tea to enjoy while I visit The Secret Garden once more.

Life is good because we decide to make it good.

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