Monday, January 25, 2016

Otanjoubi Omedeto, Sakurai-san

I want to keep forging that path as I continue on with my life. 
Will there be passion in that? 
Rebellion in that? 
It's fine to pick a path that is well-paved and easy to walk 
but it's alright to choose a dangerous path in the forest, too.....
regardless of which path you choose, 
try to take it steady one step at a time.


Just stopping and looking back 
won't lead to anything being born.


Don’t take anything for granted. 
Going to new places, even if it looks tiring, 
is enough to fill you with hope and excitement. 
You can work harder if you know there are people around you 
who are supporting you too.


My wish.. I think… it’s for people to smile. 
For Arashi and also the people who support us. 
I wish for people to smile longer, 
even only for one more second.


Interviewer:  What do you want to eliminate from the world?
Sakurai:  Everything that brings unhappiness to children.

* * * * *

“I believe" simply to the limit of my strength 
Even this impatience will someday 
become nourishment for me
This pain too
Without losing to the rain or the wind, or that pain or impatience
For the sake of this day
(Arashi, Kaze no Mukou e)

Just what is happiness? 
It's when the smiles overflow naturally...
Then, what are dreams? They're a huge sign to guide your way
Let's go forward, even if it's only 1 mm! 
Step by step! Step ahead!...
Life is so precious
No matter how small, it's important...
This world is beautiful
Don't worry about the small stuff Try looking at it from space
(Sakurai, Hey Yeah)

~ * ~

Otanjoubi Omedeto, Sho-kun.
Thank you for pioneering the path forward
and encouraging us to move forward, too.

(quotes have been gathered online over the course of time; sorry but I can't give credit to those who translated
song lyrics written by Sakurai and translation credit goes to Yarukizero.)

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