Thursday, January 21, 2016

Remember That New Year's Resolution?

Three is Free!

Yes, I've done it:  
Every day for three weeks, 
I been working on planting the seed 
for my One New Year's Resolution.

I recall reading some time ago that if you can keep up with an activity every day for three weeks, you have created a new habit.  That's what I was aiming for, and it's step one.

Now I hope to move to step two of my Resolution.  Tomorrow will be the first day of the next part of my new habit.
And it's still a secret! 

God is good.  
I thank him 
for each of the days 
that he blesses us with, 
for the strength to move forward, 
for the inspiration that he has sent.


In my heart, I can hear Arashi's 
Energy Song:

We tried singing "la la la," and what happened? Somehow, we felt lighter
If we keep going like this, it seems like we can do it To any place, forever
We don't know if there's actually something there That's why we're walking
What are you guys going to do? Then it's decided! Let's walk together

In the hectic, changing world, what did you find?
We bet our dreams on the one seed we found there

Without losing our way, we went in the direction 
that the vines were stretched out
We tried following it until we finally got here

Even the sun and the moon can do it Along with the stars, they can compete
Because even the first one will definitely come back Here To this place
Since we want to be here like this with everyone, we can try harder 
We can still keep going
Even if it's painful, difficult, or sad We'll just look forward

(Translation credit, of course, to Yarukizero.)

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