Monday, January 18, 2016

Where We Need To Be

It's a Southern thing.  We talk about anything to anybody anywhere anytime for no particular reason other than to be friendly and pass the time of day.  That's how I happened to say something the other day that was more meaningful than I realized until the person I was talking to said "Oh, that's really good!  I'm gonna remember that."

What did I say?  Well, let me explain what was going on.

The plain fact of the matter is that I wasn't where I intended to be; and for that, we can blame some person at the Mississippi Department of Transportation who probably has no idea what this little town is like.  Two intersections were once safe and sensible to use.  But a couple of years ago they were turned into the most dangerous intersections in town thanks to stop lights being moved to a less busy intersection and by a bunch of pylons being placed right down the middle of a turning lane.  Anyone with a particle of sense could see that this stuff wouldn't work.  It makes a mess of traffic all over the north side of town.  Lots of people (including me--I have to use those intersections every day) have complained directly to MDoT but no one there appears to give a care.

And that's why I was at the hardware store:  the traffic was so fouled up that I couldn't make a simple left turn to go home!  I had drive half a mile past the intersection to use the hardware store parking lot to make a legal U-turn,  so I figured I'd just stop in and buy the cup hooks I had needed a couple of weeks ago.  And I also thought to get some parts for a project I've been working on for months but haven't quite completed; it's something that I will be listing for sale, so it really needs my attention.  I actually needed to go to the hardware store but had been putting it off.

The cashier and I chatted about the traffic situation that had caused me to be in the store that afternoon.  That's how I happened to say it:
 "God is in charge.  He knows what's going on.  
So when we can't go where we want,
we end up where we need to be instead."

I'll have to remember that, too.  And I'm gonna get back to work on that project.

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