Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finally Ahead of the Trend

I kinda like looking at decorating pictures, although I'm not one to follow the trends (particularly that horrific thing with all-white kitchens; it just makes them look like scary operating rooms).  Anyway, something turned up on a feed yesterday that had me thinking, "Yeah. Really?  So what?" because they said it would be a "new" trend:  
                                  Shelves Over Doors.  

Gotta tell you that it's not exactly a new idea:  I've been doing this for, oh, about a quarter century or so.  Very trendy indeed.

If it weren't for Shelves Over Doors, I'd find it very hard to put away all my necessary nonsense in my small (not Tiny) house.  In fact, this past few days I've been enjoying taking down all my storage boxes to dust, sort, re-organize, and re-label.  It's the kind of stuff you just sorta wanna to do in January, isn't it?

My collection of "cute" boxes didn't happen overnight; I've been gathering them at clearance sale prices for a very long time.  I keep an amazing amount of extra stuff in them.  They look nice in plain sight, and they are very handy.

~ Without further ado, Shelves Over Doors! ~ 

In the study, I store Christmas linens and extra office stuff (there's also a wire line running from shelf-to shelf where I hang in-process beading projects, and that is merely a cat-shaped vase, not an actual feline):

In the bedroom, I store out of season clothing:

In the guest room, I store sewing supplies and fabric:

In the kitchen hallway, I store plastic food containers & rarely used kitchen utensils (by the way, that's an herb-drying rack underneath on the right; I made it from an old curtain rod and clip-rings that I bought for 90% off):

                            Shelves Over Doors!
Maybe I'm just finally ahead of the decorating curve!  

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