Sunday, March 27, 2016

Batter Up!

It's here!  It's finally here!  It's the first day of the draft.

It's time for me to start playing my Pearl River Panthers on Fantasy Baseball United Kingdom again.

Yeah, okay, I'm an anachronism: 
  •      I'm an old-ish lady.
  •      I live in Mississippi (definitely not the UK).
  •      I  have nothing whatever to do with any sports.
  •      I know zero about baseball.
So what?

I love my fantasy baseball team, and I've been playing in this UK league since 2002.  An online English friend begged me to join.  He quit when my scores bested his and eventually he found other online friends to visit with but when it came to FBUK,  I stayed on and on and on. 

My team mostly kinda tanks.  I'm even in the wrong Division!  Of course, the Brits who play don't have to worry about that in the way I think of it but I am sure that I undoubtedly should have chosen the Braves since they have farm teams here in Mississippi but I got confused and picked the Astros, so with the Astros Division I have stayed since I play against the same other team leaders every year.  It's nice seeing their names again each season, even though every single one of them plays better than I ever could. 

I really enjoy the ten minutes or so a day I spend wrangling with which player to draft and which to ditch.  I get lucky enough to reach the top of the  division pile once in a while and sometimes even the upper part of the league heap.  I've even been league number one for the day a couple of times in the past decade.  Mostly I'm in the middle of the pile but those top days are so fun.  Even the bottom of the heap days are kinda interesting.

It's draft day, and I have absolutely no clue who I'm gonna put on my team.  Life is good.....and kinda silly.

Go Panthers! 

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