Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Public Enemy Number One Goes to the Groccery

After standing feebly in front of the stove for five minutes, I finally figured out that the pot of soup would never heat up unless I turned the burner on.

Yeah, still feeling really kinda bad. 

But score points for me:  I managed to go to the store for supplies.  Or maybe that's negative points because the grocery checker told me off rather loudly for being "a danger to the cancer people."  She kinda made me feel like I was a criminal acting with deliberate malicious intent. 

My humble and most sincere apologies to the cancer people.  Anyone who knows me at all would be aware that I don't want to hurt anyone.

But today I was the pneumonia person who had run out of toilet paper and Kleenex and cat food, among other things.  I needed more Echinacea and a new toothbrush.  I waited as long as I could but I absolutely had to drag myself to the store because there just isn't anyone I would care to ask for help unless the situation were really dire.  Folks are busy with their own lives, and I respect that.  This was something I needed to do for myself--it's part of getting better.

I'm not the sort of person who enjoys wallowing in illness.  Illness is my enemy, and I've had a belly full of it since February 14, 1982.  Yes, I can name the precise date of the onset of my health problems.  It was a Sunday.  I fell on the stairs at the dorm.....everyone else falls down the stairs, I fell up.  I was dizzy from fever and couldn't tell one step from another.  Two days later, my folks had to make the 200 mile drive to come get me and bring me home.  Although I managed to return and to graduate with the rest of my class, I couldn't get well and was on heavy-duty doses of antibiotics for months.  Unfortunately, no one discovered until too late that they were the wrong antibiotics--they were exacerbating the original issue and were causing severe health problems on top of it.

The core of my illness is a genetic predisposition; the medicine thing just made it worse.  Stuff happens.  I don't blame anyone.  I would have preferred to do other things with my life but this is what I got.  What I make with it is up to me.  Attitude is literally everything.  Believe me.

So I genuinely hope that I didn't cause a danger to the cancer people or anyone else.  Being sick stinks.  I think there's still some Vegetarian Vegetable soup in the pot; I'll just go heat that up.  And, yes, I will remember to turn the burner on this time.

I'm kinda feeling better already.

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