Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Bumptious Bunny

I saw the cutest and most amazing thing yesterday but I couldn't take a picture.  I really wanted to!  It was a scene that really deserved to have a snapshot.  But I couldn't get close enough and I couldn't zoom in with my StupidPhone.  Drat!

It was a wild bunny. 
It was a very clever wild bunny. 
And he was doing something entirely unexpected:  standing up tall on his hind legs, reaching up as high as he could with his front paws stretched out, eating out of a birdfeeder!

First of all, I'd never thought a bunny would consider eating birdseed but he was chowing down like it was the best gourmet stuff available.  That was evident because he had his nose in the trough more than once.

And, secondly, the feeder bowl stands at least 18 inches off the ground (perhaps a bit more) and that made it quite a stretch for Mr. Cottontail.  I've seen bunnies standing at attention a few times but always very tentatively and generally just for a moment (usually they're checking for danger when startled and preparing to bolt); this guy stood right up straight and stayed that way while he ate.

The third oddity is that two cats and I were watching from just 15 feet away but the bunny didn't seem at all fussed.  He only moved on when I tried to close in with the phone to take his picture.  Obviously he didn't want to be fodder for internet gossip but I just had to tell his tale anyway. 

I guess I just wasn't meant to be a bunny paparazzi.

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