Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cue the Scary Music.....



da-dum da-dum.....

da-dum da-dum da-dum da-dum da-dum da-dum!

It looks like an innocent-enough place, doesn't it? Well, it wasn't.


I found something creepy in the pantry! It was lurking on the bottom shelf. It was looking at me and reaching right out with obvious intent to startle.

No, it wasn't a mouse.
Nor a bug or a lizard.
It wasn't a snake either. (I never have quite gotten over finding a young water moccasin  in the bedroom a mere six inches from my foot; that's easy striking distance. Eight years on, I still check for reptiles every time I make the bed.)

It was.....Eeeek!.....POTATOES!

The pantry used to be a broom closet before I converted it, thus it's fairly small and there's no proper light in there. Just imagine the horror of reaching innocently into the darkness and making contact with tons of clammy spud sprouts!

In my defense I've gotta say that when you lose an entire month to pneumonia and then you spend nearly every day for three weeks prepping a yard sale while still trying to keep your own business afloat, stuff just sorta happens. Believe me, one person simply can't cover all the bases.  This one person certainly can't. So, yeah, I forgot that there were potatoes in the veggie baskets on the bottom shelf.

(And, yes, Bright Eyes, those are fireworks on the shelf at the right.  Anybody with sense keeps Sparklers on hand for happiness emergencies.  I have bubble-blowing kits in there as well.  It's the sort of stuff you need when you're inclined to find snakes in the bedroom and creepy potatoes in the pantry.)

Once I got past feeling startled, I kinda felt sorry for the neglected potatoes. 

And that, of course, brings me back to my equally neglected garden.  I was working on renovating it when I fell ill.  Nearly all the good I had done weeding has been undone by sunshine and spring rain.  But, thanks to our very long South Mississippi growing season, it's not a bit too late to pick up the project again. 

Those sprouting potatoes are gonna find a new home in the big bathtub (yes, I grow veggies in bathtubs--it's the one time in life that you can be certain it's okay to "pea" in the tub) on the south side of my small container garden.  I've never thought of attempting to grow potatoes but these little potato guys seem determined, so they might as well have a chance to produce something.  The worst that can happen is nothing, and that's no worry at all.

My yard sale friend has given me several large plant pots, so that's something to look forward to adding to the garden, too.  It's been raining hard since last night, so the yard is much too flooded to trek to the garden now but I'll plan to get back to work out there in a few days, and I'll take those taters with me to make a fresh start.

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