Friday, April 22, 2016

Old Ways & New Days

Busy.  Busy.  And nothing but busy! 

Busy is good but I haven't been able to keep up with my stuff here at home lately because I've been laboring to help a friend and because, frustratingly, I'm still tattered at the edges while I recover from pneumonia.  All the good work I had put in on my garden at the start of this year is utterly kaput.  It's a weed palace again!

Here's some of the shameful evidence:

That big tub will be the home for the potatoes that I found sprouting in my pantry.  Unfortunately, I couldn't even get near the garden after the downpours we had last week.  My garden was  flooded yet again.  It's one of the perils of living in a wetland. 

But the weeds and the young trees growing.....oh my!  I can only begin where I stand and start clearing again.

The friend I've been helping is emptying her home for sale, and she's been very kind in sharing.  She has given me some large plastic pots, tomato cages, garden fabric, and a couple of cinder blocks.  The cinder blocks will be the start for some new garden benches--I use them to help raise my containers so that I can work with them easily and keep them out of the floods.  Those wonderful gifts are all  the basis for more hope for my untidy garden.

Best of all, my friend gave me a square section of clay pipe.  I have no idea what was originally meant to be.....but I know what I'm gonna do with it:  it's the start of my new composting  project.  I'm not sure exactly how it's gonna work out but, as my grandmother was fond of saying, nothing beats a success but a failure.  In other words, I might as well try!

I'm still in the planning stages for the composting project but I'm re-reading some compost books.  And I've unearthed an old food processor (another friend who moved away gave me this) that I can use to chop my scraps before they go to the compost keeper--that should help them break down more quickly.

Good stuff is happening.  I just have to be patient with myself and with time and with the garden.  By the way, that's another project on my kitchen counter:  I'm trying to learn about how to harvest mayhaw seeds so that maybe I can grow mayhaws--they like the kind of damp soil that my acreage has.

There's always something interesting happening.  God is so good.  And life is kinda fun, even when it's Busy.

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