Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Taking Good Care

I stayed in bed this morning watching while the sun rose and cast diffused rays of light through the east-facing bedroom window.  As I listened to the clocks chiming the quarters, halves, and finally the hour, I noticed that some voices had gone silent.  It's past time for me to mind my Clock-People who bring their gentle music to the house; everyone wants winding and tending.

And I thought about how the garden wants more tending, too, so I planned to spend 15 minutes in the mornings as well as the evenings.  There's such a lot to do, and I work best in short bursts of energy.  It's should be a good plan if I can be consistent (unfortunately I am generally inconsistent with consistency)--it's worth a try.

But as I was ready to head out the door for the first morning garden time, I was delayed.  The Electric Company arrived for Round 2:  the chipper truck was here early to clear the branches that they lopped yesterday.  It seemed wiser to wait in the house until the commotion and confusion were done. 

So I've been listening to Arashi's cheerful Popcorn CD--funnily enough, I bought some strawberry popcorn seeds for my garden, even though I can't imagine how I'll grown corn (however small) in a container.  It was nice taking these unexpected moments of delay sitting in the dining room corner at the little Edwardian mahogany sewing table that I use as my planning desk, looking at seeds, and updating my garden diary--I wouldn't have taken this time if the chippers hadn't been here.  Something to be grateful for after all.

I discovered that I'd forgotten about the popcorn seeds, and it seems that I bought a few other herbs and veggies to try, too--Belgian endive, Parisian carrots, round zucchini, shiso, lemon balm.  There are so many things to look forward to and to wish for and to think about; I just need to remember to take time to tend myself, too. 

It's gonna be a beautiful day, and there's plenty of time still for setting clocks and digging in the dirt a little bit.  Maybe Spike-Kitty will come for a visit again, too. 

There are so many blessings every day.  Life is good.

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