Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Come On and Dance

About ten years ago, I discovered Japanese entertainment, and the world has been quite a bit brighter for me ever since.  No, I am not Japanese and, although I have a basic understanding of some words, I am not fluent in the language. 

In any case, I have to share this video.  It will make your day very much brighter.   You're gonna enjoy "Come On and Dance." 

"Idol groups" are a popular form of Japanese entertainment but they usually feature much younger people.   Some of these "Obachans" (Grandmas) from Kohamajima are nearly 100 years old, and their average age is 84 so the group's name is KBG84.  Their tagline is "the idols closest to heaven."
Kawaii!  (cute)
Genki!  (cheerful) 
I wanna be like them when I'm 84.

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