Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wise Old Sayings.....Maybe

Everybody knows a few wise old sayings.  Adages.  Axioms.  You know the kind of thing I mean, surely.

Well, I was thinking about just that sort of stuff this morning.  It occurred to me while I was talking to myself because I was pretty sure that I was making the wrong choice but I did it anyway.  That's when I heard my grandmother's words coming right out of my own mouth:  Nothing beats a success but a failure.

She always used to say that and it never did make sense to me, not then and not now either.  But, somehow, it still sorta seems appropriate.  Maybe not a wise old saying but an interesting one and certainly inscrutable.

Perhaps I would have been better off taking my mother's weird advice.  She always said, "Nothing succeeds like excess!"  That requires less reasoning but a whole lot more gumption.  She always was one to throw caution to the winds and sail as far as she could fly.

I truly don't know if I have any sayings of my own; at least I don't notice any.  But I do tend to say, "It's not as  bad as it looks" an awful lot, even and in fact especially when things appear utterly impossible--that's more attitude than wisdom, though.  Maybe I do take after my mother in that sense.

None of that is likely to resolve this morning's dilemma however.  I'm making bread again, and I'm pretty sure that I've been over-optimistic in shaping the dough into two loaves instead of just one.  But I won't know until the second rising is done if I've made an error or not.  I could be having teeny-tiny bread to eat this week.

Oh well.  Nothing beats a success but a failure.
Truer words have never been spoken.

.....awhile later.....

Teeny-tiny bread.  It's not as bad as it looks.  Trust me.

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