Thursday, June 23, 2016


My temperament and training are rooted in observation, research, and philosophy.  I consider matters carefully and I spend a great deal of time in contemplation.
I am not best pleased with the state of the world today, and I dislike the attitudes I see so often online. 
Assigning blame,
sorting people into groups to aggrandize them
or to penalize them,
searching out and shouting down any who disagree,
claiming offense when none has been offered. 
This is all disturbing and frighteningly reminiscent of world events from the middle of the last century.  The old statement that "those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it" is a frightening prophecy. 
We are on dangerous ground.
As an earnestly seeking person,
I long to say something that might make a difference 
but cannot. 
Still, even a quiet voice may sometimes be heard
above the clamor.
This is what I believe in my heart.
Respect cannot not be demanded or commanded;
it must be merited. 
Common decency, on the other hand,
is due to all.
This is simple kindness and courtesy,
and we do owe that to everyone
whether or not we agree.


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