Friday, June 10, 2016

This Is Why I Love Nature

Once again, all my good intentions had gone to Hades in a handbasket.  I tried to get my garden started several months ago; really I did.  But I was prevented by pneumonia that just would not go away and then I was slowed by other circumstances over which I had little control.  Not excuses, but real reasons.

I did, however, manage to plant just three pots of veggies:  yellow wax beans, English peas, cucumbers.  Things that have always grown well for me. 

What I did not manage to do was to maintain those pots.  After the illness and the circumstances had past, I figured the garden was kinda mad at me again so I ignored the poor thing.  I didn't even go out to water, and container gardens need serious attention when it comes to watering.

Early this afternoon when I took out the trash, I looked across the yard to the garden and breathed a sigh of discouragement.  And then I thought, why not?  Why not go see what the state of things might be.  I couldn't go backwards to change anything but I could begin again right from today.

That's how I found out that the garden was still hopeful, still productive.  Despite illness and circumstance.  Despite two years of laying fallow after the Manure Disaster.  The garden was waiting.

I'm having a little bowl of lovely yellow wax beans for lunch.

Thank you, Garden.  I will try to be more attentive because I know that you more than pay back any little kindness you are shown.

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