Thursday, June 16, 2016

Workin' On It ~ The Study Closet

My small (not Tiny) house is closet challenged.  They are too small, too few, and not in the right locations.  There is simply no perfect solution--unless, of course, I had a large infusion of money and a talented carpenter.  Which, of course, I don't.  So, I've gotta work with what I've got, and that means mostly just rearranging stuff. 

It has taken me all week to get started on this little project.  I have thought, plotted, planned, and figured because I will be working on all three bedroom closets.  Finally, I realized that it all had to begin with the closet in the study (which is actually the master bedroom but the room doesn't have a door.  But I digress.....). 

Now one of my little dreams has been to turn that closet into a sewing cubby but that is just not gonna happen.  You see, I turned the broom closet into a pantry.  It was very necessary but it left the vacuum cleaners, etc., with no place to live.  I've tried other places to store them but the study closet seems to be the best option.

The study closet does have one good thing going for it as storage--it's easy to move things about in there because it just has a curtain over the opening.  The doors kept falling off.  I fixed them myself.  I had other people fix them.  Four times.  Finally one day I couldn't take it anymore, and I banished the closet doors to perdition.  (In other words, the hallway.  They are still driving me nuts.  Gotta get them out of the house soon.  Really soon.  Before I do something drastic with them.  Maybe this place is door challenged, too.)

So, here's where I started.  Will report back with progress.....hopefully soon; I don't want to be dealing with this mess in the study for long because I've gotta do my eBay work in here.  (I really should have more sense than to begin major projects at 5 PM.)

.....11:30 PM.  Editing to add:  Closet is put back together neatly, although the organization is more eccentric than I might prefer--sewing supplies mixed in together with power tools (like my mending basket sitting atop a box of screws and other assorted parts). 
Still, it's a big  relief to get things neatened up and put ready for easy use. least it was a relief until I went into the bedroom and realized that I had moved a small bureau to make space for a bookshelf in the study closet and to make more storage space in the bedroom closet. 
:::::sigh:::::  Somehow I think bedtime will have to wait a little while.  Drat.

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