Saturday, July 16, 2016

But It's Not a Color!

It gives me the shivers.  Can't stand it.  Makes me feel a bit ill. 
What is it you ask?


It's that non-color, gray-beige.  It makes me think of everything institutional and unyielding and bad and depressing.  Greige is the color of fungus.

When I was a little kid, my favorite color was orange and I haven't strayed too far from that since my favorite is now (and has been for decades) yellow.  That doesn't mean that I want everything to be yellow; it just makes me happy when I see it.  I am not a mushroom; I've gotta live in the sunshine--no greige! 

This popularity for the lack of color really alarms me.  Everything I have seen in recent years in decorating trends seems to be gray or beige or white.  It's more like stuff is being hidden than that it is being revealed.  All those terribly blank white and gray kitchens with lonesome empty countertops make me so sad that I want to cry--they are like operating rooms!  Kitchens should be joyful, hearty places.  At least that's what I believe.

I've been thinking about color while I've been moving furniture.  Various pieces have had to moved from one room to another, and much of my furniture is painted.  Although I love antiques (especially English antiques), I have rarely been able to afford such treasures and I've had to take my furniture as it comes.  Sometimes it comes to me damaged or broken or not what I want at all, and the best remedy for that is a coat of paint.  So I use whatever paint happens to be on hand at the time (very often that paint is blue or green).  Since I never buy any color that I dislike, things tend to go together organically and harmoniously.  It's cheerful.  And it all works out in a patchwork way--things can move from one space to another without appearing to be out of place color-wise.

But I'm never gonna be able to convince those folks who dream of unrealistic lives without any color at all in tiny spaces with no storage.  It all makes me worry more than it should.  And it really, really, really makes me want to paint something yellow or orange.

.....By the way, my cat Daisy finally allowed me to make the guest bed.  She likes colorful stuff, too.

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