Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Helping Others to Move Forward

"Moving forward is difficult. 
Is it impossible? 
Are you giving up? 
All alone, worrying, suffering. 
But it's the same for me, too. 
Me, too. 
It's the same for everyone. 
We can overcome that
when we change ourselves."  
These words of advice and encouragement, said with humility, kindly and gently, were 
to deaf children when coaching them in a tap dance for a charity performance,
and they mean a lot to me, too. 
I remember this often and am encouraged. 
"(Arashi) have come this far thanks to the support from many people.  So I think it'd be nice if we can return their favour even just a little bit.  Those who are in various circumstances and those who are lost.  It'd be nice if we can gently push them on their backs to help them move forward." 
Otanjoubi Omedetou, Matsumoto Jun-san.
Thanks for helping so many people to move forward.
quotes borrowed from video Arashi 5X15: Then & Now (starting at 4:52) by Nieadinne Triestine

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