Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Clean Stained Tea Cups (Or Mugs, As the Case May Be)

I had some time on hand today whilst I was waiting for my baguette dough to rise (and I am still waiting as I type this), so I decided to take the opportunity to clean some very stained tea mugs.  They looked really truly dreadful.

By the way, do you know the difference between a cup and a mug?  A cup has a saucer but a mug stands alone.  (Perhaps that's why the old slang for a criminal is "mug"?  Just a thought.)  Believe me, tea mugs this criminally stained and grubby ought to stand alone!

No tough scrubbing or heavy chemicals needed, however.  This is an easy fix!  I took the mugs to the sink, filled them with warm water, dropped in the Magic Ingredient, and let them sit for half an hour or so.  (A couple more mugs cried for help while I was in the process, so I added them to the tribe in the sink.)

Then I gave them a gentle scrub with an old terry cloth wash rag, rinsed them out, and dried them off.  No extra washing needed.  They look nearly as good as new!  And considering that several of the mugs are more than 30 years old, that's saying something.

What is that Magic Ingredient, you ask? 
Take a look behind the clean mugs:  Denture Cleanser Tablets.  It's non-toxic (well, it would have to be since it cleans something that goes in a person's mouth!) and it's not damaging (which it would have to be since dentures are very necessary and valuable).  The tablets get the job done, and are not too expensive either--a big box of the dollar store brand is less than $5, and it will clean a lot of cups/mugs/whatever.

By the way, it's also a great way to freshen your toilet overnight.  Drop a couple of tablets in before you go to bed.  Swish the toilet brush around in the morning.  All sparkly!

.....I happened to be thinking of this today because I mentioned it to a very nice eBay buyer yesterday.  I wish I could claim that I thought of this clever trick but I didn't--someone else told me years ago.  It's nice to share clever ideas, don't you think?

Life is good.

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