Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trial and Error.....and Success

Ever since I made the decision to move my office to another room, it seems as though I have done nothing but move furniture and books.....mostly the latter.  I gotten bumps and bruises, and I have lost two toenails.  It's hard work!  Some things have gone well; others, badly. 

Yesterday felt like a battle for the ages when it began with me facing down bookshelves that just did not fit into the space where I wanted to put them.  So I decided, shockingly, to get rid of the armoire.

.....and progressed to seriously heavy-duty furniture moving (that old TV armoire weighs a ton!  and don't even get me started on how hefty that old-style TV is) which lead me to realize that my new vision for furniture placement was no good because the TV was in the wrong place.

I shamefully admit to swearing loudly at this point.  But I prayed even more loudly as I re-arranged and persevered.  And finally finished shelving the last of the books this morning.

And I'm pleased with the results, although they are nothing like what I had expected to do.  (My mother would have been horrified at an "unshuttered" TV--she always thought a TV should be behind closed doors since it seemed to her an unblinking eye.)

I'm really happy with my creative solution for an end table which actually fits in the space (the one the TV is now on was always in the way since it stretched past the edge of a doorway).  I put an antique English footstool atop the chest my stepfather had carved for me in Singapore, and I placed the lamp atop that.  It's sturdy and safe enough, and it's unexpectedly different certainly.

Unfortunately I am now completely worn out, and there is a huge amount of work left to do--the other side of the living room still looks like the town dump.  But at least and at last, I have finished moving books.

Life is good.
And being tired with a sense of accomplishment is not so very bad at all.

.....I do, by the way, realize that my pictures are a little fuzzy.  I dropped the camera recently and it seems to have caused a problem.  Ah well, I can only resolve so many things at one time.  The camera will have to wait its turn.

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