Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cheaper to Keep It: Repairing My Lentil Burger Container

Now I know that I've mentioned lentil burgers often in the past year but they've come to be a true favorite that I always want to keep on hand in the freezer.  Links to previous posts (with recipe and recipe update):

Lentil burgers are really tasty.  They are easy to make.  They freeze beautifully.  And they are very budget-friendly.  Everything good!

One of the difficulties with a chest freezer is having to reach deep down in to get hold of items.  This is something I deal with by keeping handled baskets in the freezer.  And I've also noticed that there is a problem in that most of the food storage containers I have are round--that's a terrible space waster.  So when a friend gave me a tall square plastic container that resolved both of those issues and that would just exactly hold my lentil burgers, I was really happy. 

Unfortunately, the container had an accident in the freezer.  Maybe that sort of old plastic doesn't hold up well in the cold.  Anyway, there was a spiderweb crack all the way across the bottom that split it right open and made the container unusable.

It would be inconvenient not to have the lentil burger container and I'm the sort of person who will do without rather than pay to replace, so I decided to try to see what could be done to salvage it.  You see, I have a theory that I like to call "It's Cheaper to Keep It" and it has been proven true time and again.  It's much better to see if you can repair something before discarding it, even if you only have another few uses from it.

After lots of thought, I resolved to try hot-gluing the cracks.  (I also considered things like heat-sealing and duck tape--but there was nothing much to heat seal to and tape would be likely to peel.)  Yes, I understand that the container would no longer be "food safe" but lining it with plastic wrap or foil to shield the burgers should resolve that problem well enough.  The repair isn't pretty; it seems like it might hold up, though.  I layered several ribbons of glue on both the inside and the outside of the container.

For five minutes of thought, two minutes of effort, and a few sticks of dollar store hot glue that I bought years ago, I have my container back.  Zero dollars spent.  It's time to make lentil burgers again!

Life is lentil-good.

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