Monday, September 12, 2016

Conversations With a Plestiodon

Day 5 with a visiting skink.

Mr. Plestiodon has taken to startling me the way his distant relative was accustomed to doing years ago.  Either this is a genetic disposition or else they've been in communication.

He stations himself in either the bedroom or the office doorway (which are opposite one another) and just waits for me to notice.  He is completely stationary until the ultimate moment, and then he quickly slither-scatters away.

The cat, who has proven to be a great hunter of anoles on the screen porch, has so far failed to notice that we have a tiny blue-black alien scurrying about the house.  Perhaps she needs kitty-cat glasses.

I have spoken with Mr. Plestiodon. 

His situation is precarious by reason of the cat but he is under no threat from me.  I will, of course, gladly remove him from the house if he will consent to be gently trapped.  Otherwise, I won't mind his presence as long as he stops scaring me in doorways.  He has thus far declined to consent to anything.

As he refuses to have his picture made, I can only guess that he is on the run from some infraction in Lizard Land.  In any case, he has picked a strange hide-out.

Updates to follow.

.....Daisy, being too obliviously happy with the window seat (the one I created for her last week) to be bovvered to notice that some silly old skink is lurking a mere five feet away.

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