Sunday, September 11, 2016

No. More. Oatmeal.

How do you know you've totally lost it and flown off the cliff of common sense?

Well, for me, it was realizing that I had supper last night sometime after midnight (a bowl of oatmeal), that I had breakfast today at noon (another bowl of oatmeal), and that I had been working at my computer for 20 out of the past 24 hours.

That's when I got up and buzzed out of the house to drive to the dollar store.  My excuse was that I needed Post-It Notes (which, actually, I did) but what I really wanted was Junk Food.  Yeah, in capital letters.  I wanted just about anything that could pass as vegetarian but that was NOT oatmeal.

My budget and my disability dictate much of what I do, and that means that I have to cook food when I'm hungry.  It's cheaper and healthier than prepared food.  So when I'm rushed or distracted, my go-to food tends to be oatmeal or grits.  Not the namby-pamby little microwaveable packets, mind you; I mean the Old-Fashioned stuff that still requires five minutes toiling over a hot stove.

I need to go shopping.  The freezer is low since I'm still trying to finish clearing it.  My options have been limited the past couple of days.....but I've been on a listing binge at eBay since they offered me some extra free listings and I want to try to use as many as I can before time is up. 

That's why I've been chained to the computer.  And to oatmeal.

It was running out of Post-It Notes that did it.....well, that and the fact that I found myself crying and screaming at the computer screen for no earthly reason other than the fact that eBay inexplicably could not recognize my ZIP Code even though I've been using the site for 15 years. 

So I ran away from home. 
To the dollar store. 
I didn't even brush my hair or my teeth. 
I just left. 
And I bought Stuff. 
Don't ask me what.  I don't exactly remember. 
A can of red beans for supper.  A bag of rice.  A box of crackers. 

And when I got home, the best thing in the world was sitting at the dining room table with my cat Daisy (well, I was sitting at the table, she was sitting under it) sharing a bag of Fritos.  Probably the worst thing we could choose.  But when you only buy chips 3 or 4 times a year, it's fantastic and it is the Only treat Daisy ever begs for.  We had a very happy time.

Now I'm gonna go watch Aiba Manabu while I ignore eBay for a little while. 

Life is good. 
It's even better when you've got salsa with those Fritos,
and, yeah, I bought that, too.

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