Friday, September 30, 2016

Counting in Negative Numbers

It's a perfectly understandable human failing.  I know because I do it, too.  When under pressure of circumstance or unhappiness, we focus on what we have not got, forgetting what we do have.  I call this the Habit of Counting in Negative Numbers.  Well, that's what we are doing, aren't we?

Now, here's the great thing about habits:  they can be changed, they can be broken, they can be cured.  We can start fresh at any moment; there's no reason to wait.

Find one good thing, just one.  Focus there.  Be grateful.  Look around, and you'll find good things popping up all around.  It's as though one good thought calls to another. 

But be aware that dark thoughts do this as well.  We get to choose which to keep; it takes an effort of will but it can be done--we just have to remember to count in positive numbers.  No matter what mathematicians may tell us, we should understand that it's different in our lives:  a negative + a negative does NOT equal a positive.  Only a positive is actually positive; we just need to keep adding to it and it compounds our life interest vastly.

There is no darkness that cannot be cured by a light, however small.

Life is good.
And it can get even better.

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