Thursday, September 29, 2016

LOL at the Hardware Store

Laugh Out Loud? 
Little Old Lady.
I'm not little.  I am not THAT old.  But I am a lady.
And, yeah, I went to the hardware store again.
It's always an adventure.

See, there's a tool that I need to create a workable copy of, and I've tried searching the internet, gone all over town, talked to everyone I know but I can't find anyone local with a 3D printer who can help me out.  So I'm down to my final choice:  gonna have to make it myself.  My woodworking skills are minor but I can still do stuff adequately.  (Like this:  A Place for Daisy--it works just fine and she loves it better than anyplace else.)

That's why, after fruitlessly asking a zillion questions while I was out running a million errands,  I was at the hardware store measuring and making estimates of what I figure will work:  good old-fashioned crafters' supplies.  I picked a sample bag of balsa and a strip of basswood, and I took them to the register.

But, yet again, I hadn't reckoned on the guys at the hardware.  They mean well, really they do, and I do look like someone who has never had a clue (frankly, I am forced to admit, that me being clueless is sometimes truly the case).  It's their job to be helpful and to ask questions but I kinda think they also need to know when to cease and desist.  (The tale of another Hardware Store adventure:  I am NOT an Idiot--oddly enough, that incident was exactly a year ago today.)

Hardware Store Guy:  Ma'am did you find what you're looking for?

Me:  Yes, I believe that this stuff should work.

HSG:  What is it that you're trying to do?

Me:  [Short explanation.]

HSG:  Pardon, what?

Me:  [Longer explanation.  Took the tool out of my purse & showed him.]

HSG:  Ma'am, are you sure you know what you're doing?

Me, looking HSG right in the eye:  Sweetie, I've got a bench vice, a jigsaw, and a dremel; and I'm not scared to use them.  It's really very kind of you to ask but I think I can figure it out.

HSG, embarrassed:  Yes, ma'am.

Bad me but, in my own defense, I was hot (95 degrees here and the AC in the store was not doing its job) and I was tired and my sore foot was hurting like bejabbers.  Truly I am not in the habit of squashing people but the guys at the hardware store sometimes drive me nuts.

HSG had nice manners, even if he didn't have any faith in the ability of a LOL at the hardware store.  Guess I'd better say my prayers and ask forgiveness for being testy again.  Then I'm gonna get my tools and create!

Life is good.
Hardware stores can be strange places for LOLs.

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