Thursday, September 1, 2016

Empty Hands

The other day I read a random quote by some anonymous someone somewhere on the web.  It didn't matter a hill of beans really.....except that I keep thinking about it.  Here's what it said: 
Having possessions is psychologically damaging.

Seriously?  Yeah, I wanna say something scathing about how wrong-headed this statement is but that would be rude, so I'll bite my tongue.  

But, as a contemplative person, I think it is fair play to make some educated observations:

  • A person who says such things about ownership is very likely someone who has never known true need and deep lack. 
  • A person who says such things is very likely someone who has never stood completely alone without hope of rescue. 
  • A person who says such things is very likely a person who is merely repeating something someone else has said because it sounds strong and impressive but is someone who has not yet learned to think for himself. 
  • A person who says such things is undoubtedly due for some very hard lessons from life.

I have stood alone.  I have been in need.  And I will tell you it isn't easy.  It is humiliating and frightening.  It takes courage and determination to stand up under that sort of onslaught.  And it has made me appreciate the true value of possessions.  I consider myself deeply blessed by whatever comes my way, and I try to show proper respect for what I have.

On a day when I can make something out of nearly nothing--like making loaves of good wholesome bread from little more than flour and water, like creating a safe place for a precious pet from a table that was so broken that anyone else would have discarded it without a second thought--I feel so happy to be able to find what I want, what I need, what creates happiness and security, what brings hope.  And that means that my life is bettered, not beleaguered, by possessions.

Having too little teaches you to be either grateful or greedy. 
I choose the former. 
I wonder what the person who made that thoughtless statement will opt for when he is forced to walk alone with empty hands among enemies.
I wish him well, and I hope his lessons will teach him to be wise with his blessings.

Life is only as good as we believe it to be.
And it is just as good as we make it.

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