Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cheese Grating Hack

Terminology.....we keep adding and changing our lexicon, don't we?  Some terms I don't mind; others drive me round the bend.  "Hack" falls into the annoying category but sometimes I guess it is appropriate for this small tip. 

As I've mentioned (possibly too often) I tend to keep things that other people generally throw out but that I believe might come in handy.  One of those items is the plastic lid that comes on those round containers of oatmeal.  (Yes, I do actually buy ShurFine Oatmeal--I have the Old-Fashioned variety in my kitchen right this very minute.)

I often use those lids to make The Most Excellent Bowl Scraper Ever.  Seriously.  If you haven't checked out that post, please do; this is one item anyone can make easily, and the scrapers are so useful! 

But the point of this story is that the lids are also really useful if you're  grating a small amount of cheese, such as I put atop my nice warm bowl of rice this morning.

This is so easy:  just place a plastic lid (bottom up) under your favorite grater.  Why bottom up?  That's because the edge helps contain the grated cheese.

Grate.  Grate.  Grate.  Then lift the grater straight up carefully, and your cheese is ready to plop on your bowl of rice or your piece of toast or whatever you may wish.


The plastic lid is easily washable, takes almost no space to store and is re-usable time and again.  That's the kind of simple re-cycling I like.

Life is good.

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