Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wisdom From the Past

I was planning to post about something completely else this morning but there was an image caught in my head, and it just wouldn't let go.  I awoke thinking about it again.  And I believe that maybe it's meant that this should be shared.  Those little mental sparks are how the Still Small Voice of God speaks to us, after all.

Anyone who reads Good Enough knows that I do Not go along with the Marie Kondo Crowd.  Keeping stuff is vitally important to both my lifestyle and my business.  Things that are necessary only need a bit of organization--doesn't have to be perfect, just simple to maintain and somewhat organized and easy to reach.  You know, if you keep stuff on hand then you don't have to go buying it all over again because you've already got it; if you're a Kondo fan, you've possibly thrown everything out, and that's regrettable.

My worktable is one of the places where I keep A Lot of Stuff--wire and beads and tools of various sorts, bits and pieces of all kinds, files of patterns and ideas.  And it's all stored neatly in boxes underneath.  The other day, I had to go hunting through one of those boxes for something I needed, and it was a box that I hadn't opened in quite awhile.  It was in that box that I discovered something that I had forgotten:  a little handwritten journal (a good idea begun but never completed) of quotes that spoke to me.  It's was a very personal matter, and it was important.  But somehow I put it away, and it had slipped my mind.  I am glad I was reminded now.  Perhaps it was waiting for me all along.

This quote has returned to mind over and over since I found it again.  The artwork is childlike (but to this day I could do no better; art, sadly, is not my talent) and my handwriting has changed since.  Still, this is what I need to share with you today. 

Remember to keep your treasures.
Be blessed.
Life is good.

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