Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Changing the Office......

One of the best decisions I could have made was to separate my office/business from my study.  But something has been bothering me.  :::::gasp!::::: My desk.  I love my ratty old homemade desk but it has been absolutely killing the space in my office.  

Good workspace.  Cute.  And taking up a whole wall in this little room when I need more stock storage.

What to do?  No money for shelves.  No money even for paint for some shelves that are in the workshop, so I said my prayers.  There had to be something I could do.....and then I remembered an old cabinet that got put in the storage unit when I moved into the house. 

Storage unit is a nightmare.  But I discovered that there were two cabinets and not just one.  Win!  And covered with mold.  Ugh.  Still, clean-able with a lot of elbow grease and the color of the cabinets was just right. 

While I was scouting around I found a couple of partially-full cans of spray paint that someone had given me--also the right color.  God is kinda amazing like that--right on time with the right stuff.  So I decided that the top of my desk (a ratty old piece of plywood with the paint much marred and abused) would get a fresh coat of paint.  It's not avocado green anymore--the color for today was turquoise!

The cabinets are old and made of metal and really  a bit too heavy for me to manage moving alone--not to mention that this meant moving them out of storage, part way down the driveway, across the lawn, up the back step, into the house, down the hall, and finally into the office.  (To say nothing of the handling I had to do just to get the things cleaned and free of mold on all sides.)

.....I have a picture of the office thus far but my phone is refusing to send it to my computer.   It does that sometimes.  Oh well.

I am so tired.....absolutely shattered.  It has been a long day.  But also really satisfactory.  The house is a mess; there's lots to move around and re-organize.

Life is good.

.....hours later, the very bad quality picture shows up in my inbox.....

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