Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hubris and Reflection

It's good to take time to think, to really reflect.  Sometimes we get so bound up in what we "should" do that we fail to see that sometimes taking no action may be the better choice. 

While I was busy worrying and fussing about how sinful it would be to fail to help someone else, I was ignoring the fact that it was equally as sinful to ignore my own needs.  The plain fact of the matter is that I don't need to add anything else to my list of things to do.  I am overwhelmed as it is.  My focus needs to be on getting myself on track.  It really makes no sense to be offering anyone else advice on running their business when my own is in the dumper. 

So, no, I won't be applying for that volunteer position.  At the end of the day, isn't it just an ego-boost to see how much of someone else's stuff I can resolve?  That energy is better spent on my own.

As to the newspaper, that door remains open.  I was told that I could submit whatever I wanted whenever I wanted--a column each week or each month or even not at all.  I won't plan; this is something I can allow to happen organically.

It's good to have to answer small questions existentially sometimes--to take the long view.  It's easier for me to react in a knee-jerk way because it's my nature to rabbit out of the gate but that isn't necessarily the best way to make a decision. 

The stuff that is facing me is unimaginably daunting right now.  I can't see my way clear.  That's true of anyone who is mired in a mess, isn't it?  But I believe that we need to persevere when things seem bleakest because just one more step may lead the way forward.

And sometimes the doors that open before us show us something different than we expect that they will.

It's a new day.
Life is good.
God is gracious.

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