Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Looking Out a Window

One of my favorite things is looking out a window.  Any window anywhere, although I admit to liking kitchen windows best of all.  It's like framing the art of life--what surrounds the window, what does the window open onto, what is the focal point in the distance.

When I moved my desk out of the corner last week, I gave up a lot of storage space on top of the desk to gain stock storage space against the wall.  And I'm not sorry.  What I really, really gained was a window over the desk, and it is making all the difference.  I enjoy sitting at my desk now, and work seems so very much nicer.

The view isn't exactly inspiring or spectacular--I can see the pump house (which is the bane of my life), my stepdad's old plastic chair (which is the source of memories), and the clothesline (which is in need of repair and of being moved).

Things are never perfect.  And they shouldn't be.  There will always be things we don't like, things that want attention, things that aren't where we think they ought to be.  That's more of a positive than a negative really because it gives us something to think about, something to aspire to, something to hope for.

Change is productive.
Life is good.

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