Friday, March 31, 2017

Theme Music

Maybe it's a funny thing to think of but there was a reason for it (well, maybe two or three or Five):  I have a theme song for my small business.  Arashi's To Be Free.

Back when I was starting up, I found a used CD on eBay that I could just barely afford (it was about $4) and I loved the song even though I was mainly buying the CD for the low price--I would have taken just about any Arashi CD because this was my very first one.  My no-choice selection turned out to be the most perfect choice.

I put that CD in the car player, and I kept it there until the CD player quit working a couple of weeks back (one of the many minor disasters I had to deal with during the month of March).  For the past five years, on bad days when I just couldn't cope because I'd have a panic attack driving to the Post Office, I'd play that song over and over and over again.  When I hear it, it's like I'm able to breathe again after not being able to take a breath for a long, long time.  That's why To Be Free became my business theme song.

.....You're not alone, so wipe your tears
I think you'll realize what's important

We painted dreams even though we'd become transparent
Because we'll shine brighter than the unfaltering sun
Even leaving our sweat as it is
Simply searching for the light, to be free

Unable to look over our shoulders
We ran through to the end
Repeatedly going up and down, yeah
Those times were sometimes sweet, sometimes bittersweet

We started running even though we were thirsty
Because we realized we wouldn't let our hearts be deceived
Without enhancing anything, just as we are, to be free.....*

To Be Free.  There's stuff we all want to be free of sometimes, isn't there?  Just gotta keep running without looking back.

While I was doing an end-of-the-month office clean-up and re-organization today, I realized that I felt kinda pressured.  Rather than walk to the kitchen hall (a mere ten feet away) to turn on the CD player, I turned to the computer and did a quick YouTube search.  First Arashi song to come up was Guts--it's got a baseball theme; perfect for springtime.  And that was just what I needed to hear today.

.....We can always change
With a “one, two, three”, look forward and go
.....Stand up You're not alone
Celebrating our revolution with a parade of dreams and hope
Steer our ship to joy

Even if your answer isn't right, so long as you have the courage
The truth never ends with only a single possibility

Feeling the wind, you take off Good luck to you
People are all weak Everybody cries
The rain lets up And the curtain rises So we make a promise

.....Shout it out Don't give up yet
Even the smallest of hopes will become a cheer for tomorrow 

Hold onto it tight in your heart*

Funny how the right stuff comes along from Arashi just when I need it.

In the car, I've been trying to do without my Arashi CDs, and it's hard.  I have never had an MP3 player and my phone is too low-tech to play music, so there's just the radio.  But the stuff on the radio is alarming.  Bad news.  People arguing and saying mean things.  And the songs are worse:  anger, depression, death, drinking, love gone wrong, being alone forever.  I've listened and listened but I haven't heard one single positive hopeful thing.  No wonder people feel so down-heartened.  Maybe they just don't believe anymore in the simple joy of being lifted up.  Maybe they think that negative music is a justifiable expression of their feelings.  But how can you change, how can you find new hope, how can you keep going  if all you hear is more of the same bad stuff that you were already feeling?

Go ahead and laugh at me for being an old fan-girl.  And I'll keep listening to music that reminds me that I'm not alone, that makes me feel better, that helps to find the way, that keeps me moving forward. 

Now I'm gonna go take that short walk to the kitchen, and I'm gonna start up Arashi's Are You Happy album CD.  And I'm gonna keep on working with a smile on my face.

Life is good.
It's better with Arashi.

*translation credit to Yarukizero

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