Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Little Bird Told Me

I'm still working on re-organizing my office but now I'm sorta having fun with it.  Yeah, I'm playing. 

I like decorating stuff.  I don't "do" fancy decorating, and I sure don't use the horrible popular non-colors like grey or beige or (infinitely worse) greige.  I like actual colors:  yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, turquoise, red, orange. 

It's kinda funny but I was looking at my study earlier (the old lavender-blue room that used to be my study/office), and I realized something:  it is now exactly the room that I always wished I had (but could not have) when I was a kid.  I shared a room with my grandmother when I was growing up, so a room that I could decorate on my own was just a distant dream:  I wanted a bed with too many pillows where I could curl up to read the books that were on a whole wall of bookshelves; and I wanted a big work table that I could use to make crafts or study; I wanted a comfy chair; I wanted stained glass lamps.  Yeah, I still want all that simple stuff.  And I like having it.

As I've said before, the lack of stuff equals sadness, at least in my book.

My current office is in a room that is painted yellow (my favorite color, if you want to know) and the furniture (a mish-mash of all sorts of usable leftovers) is turquoise and periwinkle and lavender and green.  But, hey, so is the furniture in the study!  I always use the same large palate of choices--the same colors I've always liked my whole life.  It's something that just doesn't change as far as I'm concerned--other people may alter their choices with the changes of fashion; I don't.

When this little yellow room was the guest bedroom, I decorated it with birds.  (It was sort of a little joke--it was the guest "bird"room--maybe this will explain my bird theme a little bit:  Being a Sparrow)  There's still a picture of a goldfinch on the wall (found that at a charity shop for 75 cents) and the pulls on the ceiling fan are hummingbirds.  The stained glass hangers in the windows are mostly birds.  (Two of the hangers have a history that I like:  my mother bought them to put over the glass panes in the front door of another house where we lived and the stress from the door closing cracked some of the glass a little but I don't mind and I like knowing why the cracks are there.)

That's why it made sense to me to put my blue bird furin (a traditional Japanese garden bell) in this room today.  I wanted to put it where the fan would make it chime every so often.

I had wanted a furin of my own for a long time.  My mother had a pretty one that has hung outside of our various front doors for decades, and now it is still there by my front door.  She always promised me a furin of my own but that didn't happen so, finally, I got around to looking for one I liked.  And I thought maybe one shaped like a bird would be nice.  But it wasn't the shape or the color of the bird that made me buy it. 

The eBay seller I bought from was not a native speaker of English, and it was clear that she had worked very hard to describe her furins carefully.  The descriptions said "It is made of glass" or "It is made of pottery."  The one for my little bird said, "It is made of irony."  I hit the Buy It Now button before you could bat an eyelash.

It might not be the furin of my dreams but I wouldn't think of exchanging it with anything.  After all, I have a blue bird bell that is made of irony.  What could be better?

Life is good.

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