Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Casting Bread on the Water.....

Back in February when I decided to borrow the Japanese holiday Setsubun, I wasn't really thinking of anything but amusing myself on the day.  I didn't imagine that it would, two months later, plant seeds in my imagination.  You know, at the time, I really did pray that somehow some good would come of my hope and wishes.

One way or another, our actions come back to greet us.  We can choose to spread seeds of anger and reap a whirlwind.  Or we can sow seeds of goodness and that will return to us in due course if we keep trying and holding onto hope.  Yes, I am quoting the Bible again because it is right and true:
Let us not become weary in doing good,
for at the proper time
we will reap a harvest
if we do not give up.
Galations 6:9

I believe that means the good that we do for others and the good that we do for ourselves as well.  It isn't easy to keep choosing good.  Sometimes it can seem very tiring and it can be tempting to give in to anger and frustration.  But we just have to hold onto hope, and sometimes the fruit of those seeds will surprise us.

This morning I saw clear evidence of my disappointment with my previous attempts to reclaim my garden.  I got my seeds out of the freezer, and it turned out that there were two full shoeboxes full--I had thought there was only one.  And, more surprising still, was what I found in one of the boxes:

Yeah, I kinda wondered where those glasses had gotten to.....frozen, along with the seeds.  But even though I was disappointed with my garden, I kept the seeds and held onto hope for the future.

And I made other discoveries, too--like the wetland iris seeds that I sent for from Japan.  I had planned a small random iris garden for one of the wet areas in my side yard but I never planted the seeds, and they've been waiting now for exactly three years this month (according to the date on the customs certificate).  I won't do much more than mash them into the soil and put a little fence round so they won't get mowed.  We'll just let the Iris Ensata decide what it will do.  They deserve a chance to grow.

I also found that I had Lemon Basil seeds.  Oh, I've been wishing to grow more Lemon Basil because I love it so but I didn't want to buy seeds.....and here they were waiting for me.  I found squash and sunflowers and marigold and bean seeds and much, much more.  I was especially delighted to find not only sweet corn seeds but also strawberry popcorn seeds.

There's hope in seeds.  And I have hope that something might come of this new garden idea that has sprouted in my imagination.  I can only try without giving in.

Life is good.
Go grow something!

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