Saturday, April 8, 2017

Perseverance and a Single Sock

When I walked into the bathroom yesterday morning, I saw a trail of blood drops across the floor.  Of course my first thought was for Daisy but the cat was okay.  The blood was mine.

Actions have consequences.  I took a risk when I waded through the flood waters a few days ago, and I'm paying for it now.  First my "bad" foot broke out in blisters--it's a nerve condition I'm all too familiar with, and my foot always has some problems but this new batch is rough and covers much of my foot.  It's hot, it hurts, and my foot is swollen. 

But, actually, it was the other foot that was bleeding.  Two old scars had broken open--an old punch biopsy on the top of my foot has never healed properly, and an equally old 3-inch scar on my heel where I sliced it open on an aluminum ladder when I fell out of the attic.  Accident-prone much?  Yeah, you betcha. 

So I have a sock on one foot to keep the bandages on and also because it's cold in the house this morning (61 degrees).  Other foot is too swollen for a sock.  And I'm kinda having trouble getting the space heaters out of the closet because I hurt myself when I picked up something I shouldn't have now the nasty case of sciatic that had finally healed up has returned with a vengeance, and it's worse now than last month.  I can barely move from one chilly chair to another.

So, exactly what is the ONE thing that I desperately want to do right now?  Yeah:  plant that Three Sisters garden.  NOT happening for the next week or two, of that you can be sure.

Sometimes life is just frustrating like this.  It's hard to be patient.  It's hard to be grateful.  It's hard to wait.  But I still believe that something good can come from everything.

One sock.
I can do this.

God is gracious.
Life is good.
I refuse to believe anything different.

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