Monday, April 3, 2017

I Don't Really Like Springtime

Yeah, there, I've said it:  I don't really like springtime.  That's the absolute truth.  Why?  Well, if you could see outside my window right now you'd know without a doubt.  It's the weather.

Oh my word, last night was BAD.  We had Wind Advisories, Thunderstorm Warnings, Tornado Watches, and Flood Warnings.  It was a horrible storm.  And, of course, that means that my StupidFrankenPhone was turning on and off all night.  (Can't be bothered to explain; read this:  Zen and the Art of Maintaining a FrankenPhone .) 

My yard is flooded.  My driveway is flooded.  My street is flooded.  And I've gotta go petsit for my neighbor's cat Smokey.  Oh dear.

Will return with bad camera pictures after I wade through the water.....

.....So, the ditch between my side-yard and my good neighbors' driveway was a no-go zone.  Besides the water, I was thinking of snakes and various creepy-crawlies.  Didn't wanna wade through water up to my knees.

The backyard route was the way to go.  But that meant a longer slog through standing water..... least it was only up to my ankles.

When I finally got there, Smokey was incredibly glad to see me.  Well, she was glad until she found out that I had forgotten to put catnip in my pocket (which I nearly always do for her) and I had to tell her, "Sweetie, I got nothing for you today but love and determination."  She wasn't interested.  Cats.  What can you do with them?  (Picture is from the other day; she doesn't hold still well.)

I figure that petsitting means really sitting, so I plan on spending at least half an hour with the kitty every time I go feed her but I couldn't make it past 20 minutes this morning.  I was tired, having been kept awake most of the night by thunder and lightning and pounding rain (good neighbors' rain gauge read 2.9 inches this morning). And my always-hurty feet were not happy. 

So, now, here I am at my desk:  feet washed, dry clothes, drinking a cup of lemonade made from one of my good neighbors' stellar Meyer lemons.  I am grateful that I am able to petsit for my neighbors. 

Yes, I found a mouse paperweight to sit next to my glass know:  hickory dickory, etc.  Well, I thought it was funny.

Life is good.
But I still don't like spring storms.

.....oh, just recalled that I noticed something amusing.  While I was walking past my back door, I saw all these little plants sprouting up through the grass that looked an awful lot like bean vines.

Bean vines.....that's when I remembered my Setsubun celebration.  (Read:  Throwing Beans & Slamming Doors! )  These have to be black-eyed pea sprouts.  More plant volunteers.  These will get mowed later but it's fun to see them.  And the other day I also found a volunteer eggplant vine sprouting in my wanna-be compost bin. 

Life is not only good but it's also silly. 
Maybe springtime isn't so bad after all.

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