Sunday, April 2, 2017

Wrong Day?

Do you ever get confused about what day it is?  I do.  I was absolutely convinced when I woke up this morning that today was Monday.  It is not.  It's Sunday.  Hours later, that still just seems wrong.

Then when I sat at my desk to check my listings and re-draft my plans for the day, I saw that I had forgotten something important:  it's opening day for the baseball season with my fantasy league.  (Wanna know what I'm talking about?  Read Batter Up! or The Boys of Summer or Baseball Season is Over.) 

Yeah, I've been playing fantasy baseball for 15 years.  I'm kinda awful at it but I love my team, the Pearl River Panthers.  As long as the FBUK (Fantasy Baseball United Kingdom) site is up, I'm gonna play.

Oh my, I don't know how I've let the time get away from me but I had to have my team set up by 12 noon (that's the same as 6 PM BST) today so as not to miss this week.  I may have already missed getting points for today.  And.....eeeeek!.....I hadn't even thought about who to put on my team.  No idea.  None.  So I spent a frantic hour putting together a scratch team.  Thank goodness I don't play this game to win or I'd be done for the season with this false start.

When I got everything set on my roster page, I noticed a problem.  The date was wrong.  Was it a system glitch?  It said today was February 4 but it isn't!  Would I miss my chance to start?  I was about to post the problem on the FBUK Forum page when I realized that I was looking at things the American way:  backward.

Yeah, got that date wrong, too.  It's sure not Monday and it IS 04/02.....unless you are in the US.  In the UK, 04/02 is April 2.

I think I need to go make another mug of tea (maybe a whole pot of tea) before I get anything else confused. 

Life is good.

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