Thursday, April 13, 2017

In the Land of Nod.....Not

Can't.  Just can't. 
I am so tired.
Can't sleep.  So annoying.

Other people see sleep as something peaceful; I've always regarded it as an annoying duty.  I'm not good at it; never have been.  But some times are worse than others.

Several factors lately have been keeping me wakeful--distress, circumstance, sciatica, my cat, the phase of the moon (it's waning; I never can sleep well during a waning moon).  During each of the past five nights, I have logged 3 or 4 hours of sleep or less.  Last night was the worst.

I went to bed just before 10 PM feeling exhausted and stupefied.....only to be woken half an hour later by a text message.  Then Daisy pooped on the bathroom floor--she seems to think that it's helpful if she does so directly in front of the toilet.  It's not.

I struggled my way back to sleep.....only to be woken two hours after that by the cat.  1 AM.

Daisy has been feeling poorly, so I understood that she was just looking for company but she's not a restful animal.  In fact, she was sitting bolt upright on my head; it was difficult not to be cross about that but I moved her and tried to ignore her.  For the next couple of hours, she woke me every time I began to nod off. 

3 AM.  Finally, I got up.  I got an English muffin and a mug of milk, and I sat at the computer for an hour.  Carbs.  Tryptophan.  Distraction.  That ought to make a person sleep, right?  Probably would if that person didn't have a Daisy-cat. 

4 AM.  I opened the window in the hopes that Daisy would be attracted to sit on the sill.  No luck. 

5 AM--I had had enough.  I grabbed my old handmade quilt and went to the hard narrow guest bed.....which is right next to the doorway to the kitchen hall.  Just as I was about to doze off, Daisy knocked over her kibble bowl.  Kibble everywhere in the kitchen hall. 

6 AM--cat gets evicted to the back porch, and I went back to my own bed.

7 AM--woke up screaming (literally).  I had rolled over the wrong way in my sleep, and my sciatica let me know.  Painfully. 

Got up. 
Got dressed. 
Got a mug of tea and a piece of bread with cheese. 
Night over. 
Hopeless.....But, I figured, maybe not.  The cat was outside; the cozy quilt was still on the guest bed.  I curled up (carefully, minding that hip) at 9 AM.  Maybe just a little nap.  Maybe I could sleep.  Maybe.....

9:15--text message.
I am freaking doomed.
Sleep does not belong to me.

Life is still good.
But I've got Attitude.
No big surprise.

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