Friday, April 14, 2017

Pillow Persistence

So here I was last night still desperately trying to get some sleep.....and I had to deal with a CAT.  Not just any cat but my cat, Daisy.

Cats are persistent--when they want something, they are gonna be hard to dissuade or distract.  Daisy is exceptionally persistent even for a cat.  She is gonna do what she is gonna do, and that is the last word on the matter--there is no waiting it out or changing her mind.

Last night, she wanted my pillow.

But, hey, I also wanted my pillow.  I was beyond tired.  And I wasn't feeling at all well--bad tummy, headache, tremendous pain from sciatica.  I just wanted to be left in peace.  I needed to be left in peace.

Daisy wanted my pillow.

In the hours between 10 PM and 2 AM, she woke me up more than half a dozen times trying to push me off the pillow.  Finally I pushed her right off the bed with my foot.  Thud!  It's an antique bed, mattress is high up (more than 30 inches from the floor), and my poor cat is old.  No, I did not want to be mean to the kitty.  I was just so tired.

But she came ba-a-a-a-ck. 
This time I gave in.  It wasn't worth being tortured by a determined feline.

And she finally let me get some peace.....until 6 AM when she found something else to be persistent about:  breakfast.  She was hungry.  Yeah, there was food in her dish.  Yeah, she had kibble, too.  There was also a fresh bowl of water awaiting her.  But, you know, none of that means anything unless the Human is there to superintend the food.  So she sat on my head. 

I pushed her back onto the ceded pillow.  She was not about to quit, and this time she sat on my shoulder.  I tried to ignore her.  She sits bolt upright and pushes down as hard as she can with her paws.  Sometimes she leaves bruises on me.

But I'm persistent, too, and I was still so tired.  It was a stand-off, and I held out for an hour before I finally gave up. 

She got to the kitchen before I did, and stood there waiting.  Obviously, I had gotten something wrong with the full dishes of food that I had served up the night before because they were Untouched and Unacceptable for a Cat. 

By the time I got fresh food ready to serve, she was already waiting at the porch door.  "Never mind that stupid stuff, Human, I want the porch."  Yeah, that's probably what she was thinking.  I was glad to let her out.  I've been bullied enough.

That pillow is still there waiting for me, and now it's cat-less. 
Maybe it's too late to get back to sleep but while Daisy is on the porch, that pillow is mine.  Mine!  Mine!  All mine.

Yeah, sleep-deprivation makes me nuts.
My cat is a meanie.
I'm still tired.

Life is good.

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