Monday, April 10, 2017

The Ants Are Back!

As previously mentioned, I am Not fond of ants, particularly when they bother my hummingbird feeder.   Thus I have been fighting with them for control of the feeder, although I haven't updated every move in the battle.  The main problems seem to be that (A) the rain wipes out my non-toxic defense systems and that (B) ants are obnoxiously persistent.  Well, I can be persistent, too--in a hummingbird-friendly way, of course.

So, the new plan went into effect this morning.  I moved the feeder from the hook under the eaves.  I went out to my garden and got a garden hook that was previously home to a wind chime (a non-toxic option for scaring other birds away from the veggies). 

Yes, the ants will learn to climb it--of that I have no doubt.  But if I change the location of the feeder that may offer me more options for keeping it ant-free, although my next weapon is very likely to be to spray the anchor of the hook with something that will kill the ants rather than merely deterring them as I have been doing.  I'd rather not do that but the little crawlers may leave me no choice. 

And since I am enjoying watching the hummingbirds from my desk window, I am willing to fight for their right (and mine) to the feeder.  Game on!

Yes, there is a bird decoration on the top of the hook.....what else did you expect?

The battle rages.
Life is good.

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