Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Catching Up

No one likes running behind, to they?  Well, that seems to be where I am all the time.  But I decline to stay there.  Step by step--that's all it takes to move forward.  Just one step.

So, late this afternoon, I went back outside to my "new garden".....okay, so it's just a few volunteer tomatoes but they're growing.  Looks like there are mini-tomatoes and romas so far.  Was pretty sure that some would be big boys but some plants are just now flowering.  We'll see what turns up.  It's a Bavencher!  I went to the garden for a couple of reasons:  I decided to haul a chair out there, and I thought it was high time that I gave a try at my Three Sisters gardening idea (read this). 

Gotta have a chair in the garden so I can sit there and contemplate.  There are chairs in my old container garden where I have often sat and fallen asleep.  Asleep!  Outside!  I'm not the sort of person who is able to sleep anywhere (not even in my own bed on a quiet night) but I'd go sit by my container garden, and I'd be out like a light.  Once I sat out there with my neighbor's old cat Patch on my lap--he really, really wanted cuddles.  It was 35 degrees outside but the cat and I fell sound asleep.  I was super-surprised when I awoke an hour later after sunset feeling kinda frosty.  So, yeah:  garden = chair.  I can't say I'm gonna fall asleep but at least I can sit and think.

Digging is still not in my current skill set.  I had planned to use a post-hole digger to break up the clay soil but that's not happening--I'm not willing to risk a sciatica relapse.  All I had immediately to hand was a mini-hoe.  But once I'd talked myself into making a start, I was determined to move forward.  I chopped and dug away with the little hoe, breaking up soil six inches down or so--at least that will give the corn a chance.  I planted one little hill of white sweet corn and another of strawberry popcorn.  Tomorrow, I hope to add a couple more hills of each.

Now, being realistic:  I'm aware that there's maybe a 25% chance that this little garden will succeed.  But I also know that if I do nothing at all, there's a 100% chance that the only thing out there will be weeds.  I prefer to take my 25% odds, thank you very much.

Next week, I'll take step two with my Three Sisters garden and plant some climbing beans to twine around the corn stalks.   After that, I'll plant squash to surround the little hills.  Fingers crossed.  Hoping for the best.  You never know until you try.  25%.  It's all good.

I'd also love to retrieve my ruined container garden.  I tried last year but failed--not entirely my fault but still failed.  But maybe, just maybe, one container at a time, I could start to win it back.  Will I fail again this year?  Maybe.  Big fat hairy deal--I'm gonna try anyway.  I need to do a lot of soil replacement which is Seriously Not in the budget but I won't worry about that yet.  First things first:  I want to grow more Lemon Basil.  I love that stuff!  Then maybe some other herbs.  Just one little plant pot here and there.....and then maybe on to some of the larger containers. 

It's a mistake to plan too much--at least it is for me.  But it's not wrong to hope.

Yeah, I've got theme music for this:  Arashi's One Step. 

Another dawn has come 
When the bright light shines into someone's heart
Rather than thinking of the days long past, they'll want to find something new and walk forward

With both your worries and hopes Stay as you are
Entrust one of your wishes to the passing wind

One step Even ordinary days One step
One step Joy and sadness All of it is precious
One step Just wanting these feelings to reach you 
One step Without ever pausing, our melody will play
If we can share our tears, we'll be okay

The words you have on hand weren't enough to describe the emotions that'd been growing inside
But though you might be told you're awkward, because you can't lie to yourself, you raised your head

Hiding my tears, I showed a smile
I can still hear the feelings from those days talking to me

One step Keep believing in a single heart 
One step This road will always be connected
One step Even with your regrets 
One step You promised it to yourself
One step The faraway future will come someday
If we smile and hold each other tight, we'll be okay

The rain stops and we start walking again, feeling slightly different than yesterday
Hey Everything has a meaning

Of the nameless scenery from then 
Of the endless dreams we'll meet someday
We'll sing a song that no one has ever sung before
We'll tell our feelings to the sky above

One step Even ordinary days 
One step Joy and sadness All of it is precious
One step Just wanting these feelings to reach you 
One step Without ever pausing, our melody will play
If we can share our tears, we'll be okay**

Life is good.
If you fail, try again anyway.
Gotta keep moving.

**translation credit:  Yaukizero

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