Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just Enjoy

I went out to my new garden again this morning.  My plan was to do several things but, naturally, I ended up doing other stuff entirely.  I'm not easily distracted......Oh Look!  There's a squirrel!  Yeah, that's me.  But it was okay.  I was still doing stuff that needed to be done.

My aim for my garden this summer is Just Enjoy.  That's it.  I like sticking seeds in the ground and watching them grow.  If the seeds don't come up, I can always plant something else.  Yes, I do want (and need!) to grow veggies but I'm also willing to just see what happens.

What had I intended to do?  There are several more saplings that need to be hewn down--growing too close to the house.  I'll get to that task soon enough.

What did I do instead?  I happened to find a bag of potting soil that my tenant left behind when she moved.  It was like an unexpected gift from the universe.  So I put that to good use immediately.  I cleared two pots in my container garden.  Then I planted Lemon Basil and Yellow Wax Beans.  Two of my very most favorite things.

Do I wanna hurry up and clear all the rest of my container garden?  You betcha.  It's a mess!  It's gonna take time but there's so much there to work with.  One Step.  Just One Step.

Go plant something.
Just Enjoy.
Life is good.

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