Friday, May 12, 2017

Stormy Day Kitty

Heavy, humid air. 
You could tell even at sunrise that Foul Weather was on the way. 
Rain.  Lightning.  Thunder.
Very threatening. 

That's why I've been keeping watch over my elderly cat, Daisy Dumpling--I worry about her being outside in the weather.  It has been about five weeks since she refused to live in the house anymore and decamped to the screen porch.  (Read this post and this one, too.).

But I still question what is best to do.  Daisy is "not right" and hasn't been for several months.  Her personality has changed drastically, and sometimes I feel that I don't know her anymore at all.  It's bewildering.  And I think it's bewildering for Daisy, too. 

As the storm began to rage outside today, I started checking on Daisy.  She seemed fine the first several times I looked, and then I found her waiting at the door.  Unusual.  She doesn't leave her new "home" on the table anymore at all unless it's to use the litter box.  But there she was.  I opened the door.  She came right into the house and asked to be picked up.  Daisy has always been independent and has Never been  a cuddly kitty. Daisy 2.0 seems to be a different story in many ways.  It's a mystery.

I brought her to the office and put her on her window seat but she jumped down and insisted upon my lap instead.  After awhile she agreed to nest on a pillow atop a box in my office, and she seems calm enough.  Funny old cat.  Every time I think she's done; she does something new.

We'll see where time takes us.
We are in God's hands after all.
Life is good.

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