Saturday, May 6, 2017

What Point Am I Missing?

When something good happens, you wanna tell somebody.  Right?  Well, I like to do that.  So I happened to mention to a couple of folks that I've got tomatoes growing in my yard.  Hey, I'm really very happy about that, and especially so since I haven't been able to work on my garden yet.  But when I explained the origin of the tomato plants, the response that I've gotten has been a resounding YUCK!  And I totally don't understand.

Remember my volunteer tomatoes?  ( Read this post )  They're coming up where my former tenant's septic tank was disconnected.  So, yeah, the seeds went through her digestive tract, and now they've grown into quite nice plants that are starting to produce tomatoes.

I am not bothered by this, and I fully intend to take advantage of this bounty.  But other people seem to think that this is disgusting and that I shouldn't eat the tomatoes. 

Excuse me, folks, but exactly what do you think fertilizer is?  And what do you suppose farmers put on the produce that you eat?  Admittedly, most farmers in the US these days do not use "humanure" but they most certainly use composted manure from other animals.  My mother always used to say that we all "have to eat a peck of dirt before we die" and I expect that includes acknowledging that sometimes knowing where food comes from is not so very nice.

We all have different vantage points and different attitudes.  When a friend told me about having a big shrimp dinner recently, I admit that I was a bit grossed off.  Shrimp are carrion feeders, and I think that eating an animal that eats the dead is pretty disgusting.  But I kept my opinion to myself.  I told her I was glad that she enjoyed her meal, and I genuinely meant it.

It would be really nice if other people were as kind about my lovely tomatoes.

Life is good.
People are judgmental; I like them anyway.

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