Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Daisy in the Middle

Probably I will never know what caused my cat Daisy's health crisis and for sure I will have to watch her more carefully than ever from now on.  She's my beloved old creature; and, miraculously with God's grace, she's back to being her normal self.....and that means that, grateful as I surely am, there are still times that I wanna send her to the moon.

Daisy doesn't eat unaccompanied.  Oh, she managed alright when she chose to live on the screen porch for a couple of months and more.  But now that she has returned to the house, she's gotta have a dinner date.  She will Not eat unless I am in the kitchen with her.  She waits around and nudges me over and over and over while I try and try and try to ignore her because I know she is just waiting for the golden moment when I go to the kitchen.  The second I head in that direction, she shoots between my feet and nearly knocks me over.  Seriously, the animal is a hazard. 

If I'm sitting at my desk or my workspace or my dining table, she's right there between my feet.  When I make a move to get up, she doesn't (unless it's Kitchen Time, of course) and she's not gonna shift to give me an inch of leeway.  She swats the heck out of me, claws out menacingly.  Daisy, having been raised by dog mama instead of a cat, has never learned the Way of the Feline and has no idea how to use claws to scratch.  Instead, she just stabs her vicious little talons into my flesh as deep and as hard as she can to make her point.  Yeah, Really painful.  You don't wanna get in Daisy's way if she doesn't want to move.

Sometimes she is all Go.  Other times she is totally Stop.  But she is always, always  always in the Middle.  It's where believes she needs to be.  The middle of the hallway, the middle of the doorway, the middle of the bed.  No matter what you wanna use, too, she's gonna take the literal Lion's Share.  And you'd better not ask her to do anything different.

Apologies for the bad cellphone picture: 
Daisy staking her claim to the middle of the workroom doorway.

My cat is back. 
Daisy is dreadful.

You might not believe it but I'm really happy.
And I wouldn't have her any other way.

Life is good.

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